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Looks like they sent a refurbished for full price

When I unboxed me new pacer treadmill, it appears that it is used prior and resold to me undisclosed at full price. The control panel is extremely scratched and not packaged well and the box had already cut marks in it from being opened and then resealed. There are other signs of prior use too though this unit was advertised to me as brand new. Not a happy customer. I feel I should be owed a refund for receiving a used product deceitfully sold as new.

Love it ❤️

My dog has always been more comfortable riding in the back of my car but this was unsafe in a potential accident. I’ve tried several crating options and none fit properly in my car and/or my dog disliked it (he is crate trained). I have a new puppy that loves her crate and she still travels in that, but my other dog is now a happy car traveler again with this gate. I also purchased the vario-barrier. Both were not the easiest to put together and install (the instructions are just pictures) it took about 1.5 hrs to install each one (3 hrs total) I installed both on my own, obviously it would have been quicker with two people.

Great after some adjustments

I bought the barrier for a VW ID.4. Assembly took some time. It also took me a couple attempts to get it installed properly (the first time it was too low and affected my ability to see out the back). Now I am satisfied with it and it seems strong enough to withstand the force of a dog or cargo in the event of an accident.

Damaged product

Product was bent and damaged. Never received an email back when I sent proof. I had to ratchet strap it just to get bolts in. Now it just shakes and is loud while I drive.

Hi Izzy,

I'm so sorry to hear about the issues you have had. We did not get any emails from you regarding this but can certainly help. We can absolutely replace any parts that came bent or damaged, we just need to know which parts and we'll replace them. Also, the rattling is a simple install issue that is easily fixed, I'll send you an email with instructions to fix that.

MIM Variogate Double - Crash Tested Gate for Cars
William Edmondson (Tobyhanna, US)

Very sturdy

MIM Variocage Double - Crash Tested Crate
Molly May (Dorchester, US)
Great crate

I’m really happy with this purchase and the customer service help I received buying it. My only issue with it was the assembly. There were a few pieces that wouldn’t screw in all the way or we’re stuck together. Aside from that it’s great.

Hi Molly, thanks so much for leaving us this review, we are so glad to hear you like your new Variocage. I'm sorry you had a bit of trouble with assembly, but please let us know if there is anything that did not go together properly or you feel is not correct, we can replace it right away. Just send a quick email with any issues to and we'll take care of it right away!

Wonderful custome service

Didn't receive it yet

Didn't receive the door yet, can you tell us when we will

Hi Daniel, the tracking shows that your package is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I just resent you the tracking info so you can view as well. Thanks!

dogPACER Folding Dog Treadmill - LF 3.1
Zack S. (Campton Lower Village, US)
Works Great

Followed the recommendations for introducing the DogPacer to your pet.
He took right to it. I know I'm lucky it was easy for us. I can see how rushing the process would not work. Take the time and do it right. Does have a 2' x 6' footprint. Quality unit!

dogPACER 4.0 Smart Electric Dog Treadmill
Manuel Gudino (Yorba Linda, US)

Product’s box and packaging severely damaged. Some dings in the treadmill itself I don’t know if the performance is going to be affected.

Hi Manuel, I'm so sorry to hear that the packaging appears to be damaged during transit, but rest assured that we will absolutely replace anything that is damaged, broken or not working properly. Please send us an email at right away if you have any issues at all and we will take care of it right away!

PlexiDor Door Mount Performance Cat & Dog Door
Patricia Hubbard (McKinney, US)

Perfect fit but a bit pricey

Variogate Double

The design of the gate itself is great, fits perfect in my vehicle. One complaint I have is it took a long time to put together and the instructions were not very good. Gave it 4 stars for subpar instructions and the fact that even though the metal edges on the divider panel are rounded, they are still sharp and the design makes it stick out in places--just wish it were more of a 'flat' divider panel, otherwise would have been a 5~

Customer Service is top notch!

Amazing quality.. amazing customer service. We ordered two doors because we were unsure of the size. Needed some help with returning the unused one and Weston was amazing ! Their products are far superior than the competitors. Flawless for that matter. Both my pups fit through the doggy door without any issues. Really appreciate all their support with my return and their exceptional product. Highly recommend! Customers for life ! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Security Boss MaxSeal Replacement Flaps
Jeffery Tanner (Winter Haven, US)

Works great

MIM Variocage Double - Crash Tested Crate
JaXx de Puma (Los Angeles, US)
Great Choice for VW id.4

I bought a new car ( VW id.4 ). I transport dogs for my company and needed the most efficient and spacious and safe kennel I could find. I considered the ruffland suv crate but decided this was the best choice for my car due to it being adjustable and my safety needs. Being crash tested puts everyone’s mind at ease should an accident occur. A staff person reached out to me directly before shipping which I really appreciated. They made sure the product I ordered ( the large double variocage) would fit and open properly in my trunk with the seats up an door closed. They were very patient and once they confirmed with the manufacturer they shipped it out. A few parts of the assembly confused me but I sent pictures and they got back to me the same day and helped me figure it out. The quality is great as well - It’s sturdy and heavy and I also let it get rained on to test if any rusting and none occurred. I tested 2 different large breed dogs to see if they would fit and they both did. Bravo is tall 83 lb GSD and Chick is a 100+ lb Pit Bull. Bravo had to duck in but was fine laying down and could jump into inside the car as well with no issues. I haven’t installed the dividers yet and I’m not sure if I’ll use them often.


Traveled from Florida to Puerto Rico and held up nicely. Customer service was also amazing! Get you one

Great Dog Box

Really happy with this Owens Dog Box. I first called and the rep at Adeo Pets was very helpful in answering my questions. The box arrived in a few weeks, fully assembled and ready to go (it even shipped for free). Really happy with it, great dog box!

Security Boss SB4 Pet Door for Screen Enclosures
Sheila Andrews (Fort McCoy, US)
Perfect for cats!!

I recently had my lanai screened in and wanted a pet door suitable for cats. In my experience, cats prefer to be able to see through the door rather than a solid, rubber flap. This door is perfect! They already knew how to go through a window type pet door to get out to the lanai, so the learning curve for this one was small. It is very sturdy, attractive and closes well. I also like the very solid blocking panel that allows me to keep them in safely if desired. The screen company who installed it were also very impressed.

Great guillotine dog doors for kennels

Very happy with these Security Boss Guillotine doors. We ordered 8 for one of our dog runs, shipping was very fast and the assembly was much easier than expected. They are very well built, all metal parts, and feel like they will hold up really well with daily use. They came with all the parts and pullies to allow us to open and close the doors from outside the kennel. We'll be adding them to our second run soon, Thanks!

Pups love the door!

The door blends perfectly with my home and the pups love it. The shipping was a bit delayed but customer service replied promptly and addressed it with professionalism and care. Great customer experience and love the door.

MIM Variocage Double - Crash Tested Crate
Jules Young (North Bend, US)
Perfect fit for my Volvo XC40 and my 2 pups

Pretty straightforward to put together by myself and get it into the car. It’s the perfect fit for my boot and gives a really good amount of space for Pembi, a sealyham terrier, and Nessie, a Pumi. It makes me feel very comfortable knowing they’re safe in any worst case scenario.

MIM Variocage Double - Crash Tested Crate
Jose Gomez (San Francisco, US)

Good deal

Petlift table

I had a very good experience! It was my first time using adeopets. Customer service is very responsive and very reassuring. I will use them again.

Not the quality I had expected. Hard to install

For the cost I had expected higher quality The gate rattles no matter how many times I adjust the individual rods. Gate is flimsier than I expected. Am working with customer service but not really resolved. Instructions are difficult to understand and consist of pictures only. No written text to reference

MIM Variocage Double - Crash Tested Crate
Patricia Sanchez (Chicago, US)

MIM Variocage Double - Crash Tested Crate