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Excellent service and product

I received a call almost immediately following placing my order to confirm everything was correct. Was told when ordering it would take 6-8 weeks for delivery but they had the door to us in 2! Door is very high quality and look forward to using it in our new home.

Excellent Product and Service!

After researching crate options, I found the Vario to be the safest and most secure. The product is, indeed, made of high quality materials. I had an issue with one screw, which I reported on a Sunday afternoon and the response from Adeo was immediate ON A SUNDAY. I had the repair by the end of the week. Can’t say enough good things about this company. Thank you Adeo!

Great dog door

great door so far, easy to install and looks great

MIM Variocage Double Crate

I am so happy with this crate, it fits perfectly in my Subaru Wilderness Outback and fits my two Flat Coated Retrievers.

More important than my happiness with the crate is my experience with the Customer Service Dept. at Adeo. Wow! I cannot recall the last time I was on the receiving end of exceptional customer service. It was such a true pleasure working with Weston, he was amazing. If not for his assistance, guidance and patience, I would have purchased a smaller crate, and I wanted the largest that I could fit in my car, so this was a huge deal. Thanks again Weston. I am EXTREMELY happy.

Wonderful product

My 11 month old German Shepherd is just learning to use this. She took right to it and I think it will be a great tool for meeting her exercise needs. It is very well made and easy to use. I’m so glad I purchased the DogPACER 3.1.

Love the Hale Pet Door

I just put it in by myself. Very easy and so nice. I will never buy another brand again. The wind is blowing and the flaps are not moving at all.
Seriously 😊 Thank you so much.

Best and convenient exercise for my pups!

I have three Yorkshire Terriers. It took them 2 days to get comfortable on dog pacer! They exercise 3-4 times a day and could not wait to jump on! Love it!!

Privacy panels

Great customer service. Good quality product. Had to do a little modification because I have the traditional chain link in my kennels but very pleased with my purchase and the company.

Fits like a charm, I love it!

First I want to review Adeo pet, I give them 5 stars for being so thorough. They emailed me after my purchase and ensured that the crate would fit my car and dogs.

The crate rating- also 5 stars! The install was not bad, and I was able to complete by myself in less than an hour. It fits my two large dogs comfortably and is snug in my car. I am so happy with this purchase!


Our Plexidoor is 22 years in constant use by 2 Bichons, a terrier mix and a cat. It's never needed repair and it's in perfect condition. New critters adjust to it in less than a day. The bi-swing doors are the key. As the animal pushes thru the door, only their sides make contact with the plexiglass. There is no long hanging door to drag along the full length of their spine, scaring them. Instead, the doors only brush their sides. The double doors are half as deep as a hanging door, so the critter gets his head thru the door faster.
Super quality and easy on your pet.

My Schnauzer loves it. She’s on the competition level. She does it twice a day .

Can’t say enough. It is wonderful if you show in competition or fast cat keeping them in shape.

Great dog door & great support

We finally took the leap and got a dog door after looking and researching for glad we did. It's been a great addition to the home, our 2 labs love the door and being able to come and go. Adeo Pets was great in helping us find a local installer to get the door installed fast and correctly. Thanks, love our new dod door!!

Excellent asset for my dogs safety & Protection.

Very excited about the benefits of the Variogate. Safety on every level. Easy to install & attractive. Wish I had purchased sooner..

Finally a crate that holds our German Shepherd

I don't often leave reviews; however, I have to say that I really impressed! We have a 22 month old GSD that has managed to find a way out of every crate we have put him in...until we got this Dakota crate. As soon as I touched it I could tell it was a high-quality product. It's thick, and quite strong, yet still very light and easy to move around. The latch is also strong metal/steel with a cover inside so the dog can’t tamper with it and so far we have had no issues...finally. Truly exceptional quality and service. Thank you

Very pleased

Excellent crate, solid, one-piece crate, much stronger than the 2 piece plastic one we had. Gate is a strong metal as well and feels very secure. Shipping was super fast!! Very pleased!

High quality doggie door

All 3 of my dogs used the door instantly. I just put treats in between the flaps and they figured it out. They appreciate the carpeting especially my little guy. I framed around my door prior to install. I have a strong Rottweiler so note to the installer to make sure the structural integrity of the wall or door is strong and it should last as long as any door in the house. They also have replacement flaps and such. The door looks pro and it functions well. I am very happy with the product.

Great crate for my car and dogs.

Having two Australian shepherds I need a way to make them safe in my car. After investigating the options I chose this crate as it seemed the most well thought out crate. It took me about an hour to put it together and the most difficult part was sizing the crate for the back of my car.

One worry was rattling with all the metal parts, but they thought through all of the things that might rattle, and there was no noise from the crate.

If there was one thing I would ask for is the option for fans to blow in on the dogs as I live in Arizona and my car does not have ventilation in the back space. So I bought a couple of car fans and stuck them to the side windows and turn on automatically when I start the car and circulate the cool air from the front and back passenger area.

I bought the Variocage Double XXL for the back of my 2021 BMW x3

Very happy, thank you!

Adeo pets was so great to work with, incredible service. I had a question and needed to make a change to my order, they were super helpful and made the change for me very quickly. The Hale dog door arrived just a few days later, it felt very strong and well built; and they even had a local service I could use to get it installed for me fast. Thank you, very happy with the new dog door!!


This bad boy ain't budging!!! I'm absolutely in love with this gate for my two great Danes! This allows me to have as much room as possible for both pups and them still to be safe! It's very well built and I've gotten lots of amazing comments on it. I know my pups won't jump out the back until I open a gate not when the lift gate pops up!

Variogate in 2018 Toyota 4Runner

We have 4 Australian Shepherds, but can't fit 4 crates in the 4Runner. We built a false floor to level out the cargo area with the back seat stowed and now have a large area for the Aussies. We also have a cargo barrier behind the driver/passenger front seats.

Extra Large dog door unit

This is the best dog door system that we have use so for. It was shipped very quickly. Installation was fairly simple. Like the way you can seal up the opening for security. Thanks'


I researched so many different options for my vehicle and kept coming back to this one. I was not disappointed. It has made traveling so much less stressful with my boy. Read the sizing carefully. The company was extremely helpful in picking the size that would work for my vehicle but I didn’t understand the height issue and I wish I had gotten the taller one. Easy set up and lighter than you think. I would purchase from this company again!

MIM Safe Bumper Cover
Bonnie Boshart
Bumper cover

Excellent, easy to use. Keeps the sand and grit off your bumper and protects your paint job. Pleated for easy use.

Great dog door

This is the second dog door I have purchased from them. The quality far excels anything you can get at a pet store.Life for my dog is so much easier now that she can come and go as she wants.

Excellet Crate & Excellent Service

I must start by saying Adeo Pets provided the best customer service I have ever experience. They contacted me right after I placed the order to verify this crate would fit my Tahoe. Turns out the size I was going to get would not have fit, they found the ritght size and fixed my order. Thanks!! I crate came very fast via FedEx and we assembled it the next day. Assembly took us about 1 hr and the videos Adeo Pets sent helped. The crate looks SO good in the back of the car and our two German Shepherds LOVE it too. Thanks for the incredible support and amazing product!!!