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Love it

I love it! I just wish the pieces were lettered or numbered for easier identification. Also up or down front or back. Little stickers or stamping. Fits in my car beautifully

Training collars

They work great should’ve bought them a few years ago

Corgis Best Friend

This has been amazing. We can’t always walk our bubba as much as we would like to during the week so it really helps to be able to have him exercise while we’re at home doing chores and working out ourselves. Assembly was relatively easy. Had a little trouble with the side panels but overall it’s been fantastic

Happy Decision!!

I recently purchased the MIM Variocage Double XL from AdeoPet and couldn't be happier! While the picture instructions were somewhat problematic as others have said, with the use of them and a couple of independent YouTube videos I managed to get the crate put together and installed in my 2019 Rav4. I am a 71 year old woman and managed the installation by myself other than needing help placing the top on the crate and lifting it into my car. The top needs to have all 4 corners lined up in order to place it on the sides and without help, this would seem to be near impossible! I followed the YouTube video and the picture instructions very carefully in order to prevent any rattles and can say, MIM took great pains to insure the crate would not make a sound while traveling and it doesn't!! All in all I absolutely love the peace of mind knowing my dog is safe in the back of my car. I only wish I had a larger car so I could have fit a larger crate as I am adding another dog and the two could use more room. The Double XL should accommodate a Golden Retriever and my Border Collie but they won't have any room to spare!! And to also include AdeoPet was wonderful in assisting in sizing and getting the crate ordered and shipped! It arrived very quickly too...I believe it arrived in 3 days from my ordering. It is nice to know I have a crate manufactured from a great company that will stand behind their product and was purchased from a company that also stands behind their customers. AdeoPet was responsive to their chat link on their website and made the ordering process quite easy in spite of the various sizing issues getting the best available crate for your car. I guess in closing, as this was a more costly crate than others provide, I can honestly say, you get what you pay for!!

Variocage Max

Well built safe kennel for any dog. Adeo made the buying process easy and made sure we had a great fit in our vehicle. I appreciate their attention to detail. Definitely the company to buy from. After ordering the purchase was here in 2 days!

Best Service

Excellent and prompt service and reply to emails or phone calls. Very thorough in making sure you order the right size and product.

Amazing Crate

Just wanted to drop a photo of the finished product. Was not too difficult to assemble as long as you go through directions carefully. We all love the crate!

Very good

The dog door is very sturdy and well built. I like the idea of the 9” tunnel.

Excellent dog crate for SUVs

Very happy with the Variocage Double. We got the XXL+ and it fits great, thanks to the Adeo Pets team, they helped us pick the correct size (amazing service). Assembly was not as bad as I thought and it looks so good in the back of the car. Our GSD LOVES it, jumped right in. Also, we really love the no spill water bowls. Thanks!!


Fit my vehicle but Way,way to small for my large german sheperds, even though rep said it would work. They couldn't lay down or turn around, so taking a long trip would be impossible.Directions confusing, took much longer than an hour, more like four.


Great company to work with, this worked awesome in my car for my pups.

Endura Flap Wall Mount Cat & Dog Door

Two thumbs up

High quality and possibly worth the price. My only comment is to disregard the assembly video's statement that it will take you one hour. Be honest with yourself, allow four hours.


The quality is great and the sizing is perfect. My fur baby loves being able to come and go at will...

Worth it

Great seller, very good communication, kept us updated every step of the way. The treadmill arrived really fast and it was easy to set up. So happy to have it, the dog loves it too. Fantastic product, worth it!!

they work great!

I received my collars. I am very happy with them. They work great. The customer service here is incredible, Adeo Pets really went above and beyond. I plan to buy more and will be back soon.

Hale Pet Doors for Walls - Dog Door and Cat Door

Vario Gate

Product is amazing and the customer service was even better. Constant contact with them kept me in the loop from purchase to delivery to tech specs and support. Great experience overall. 10/10

Endura Flap Wall Mount Cat & Dog Door

So far, so . . . great

Shipped and arrived in record time. Once out of the box it's pretty easy to move around and even a doddering old person like me had no problem setting it up. My two Mini Bull Terriers tend to be pretty fearless and as expected, they had no qualms at all about getting on the treadmill. I had them just stand on it on Day 1, walk for a couple of minutes and the lowest speed on Day 2, and Day 3 they were both happy doing five minutes at speeds up to 1 mph. Clearly they are up to going for longer times and faster speeds, but I want to take it slow and keep it fun and exciting for them. As others have noted, it's very quiet and not an annoyance at all. Glad I bought this!

She loves it!

I just wanted to let you know that Yuki’s crate arrived and she couldn’t wait for it to be assembled before trying it out. I had to work around her…seriously! The variocage XL fit perfectly inside my GMC Acadia 2017 and Yuki has enough space to lie down comfortably. Besides an amazing product, your customer service is wonderful!

Top of the line kennels

We run a large boarding facility and our existing kennels were falling apart, so we needed professional quality kennel system. These TK kennels are certainly professional-grade and have really made a difference, the quality is top notch and they are very sturdy. We got 4x4, 4x8 & 4x10 sizes. Adeo pets staff was very helpful in making our custom configuration easy to do and with very good pricing. Now that they are installed we are so happy with the final product, we'll be back to finish upgrading the rest of our facility. Thank you so much for the great service and

TK kennels - Highly recommended

We got several runs of 4x4 Kennels for our facility and are very happy. the quality of construction is much better than or other kennels, you really get what you pay for here. Adeo pets was amazing to work with, great communication and customer service. they helped us get a custom setup and we are very happy with the results. Highly recommend these kennels to anyone!

Six 4x8 kennels TK products

Adeopets is awesome!! Best customer service ever!
If you buy these be sure to get the upgraded latches that actually latch. Adeopets is a company I want to do business with for all my equipment needs. Thank you for caring enough to make my purchase right.

Excellent Kennels

Adeo Pets was incredible to work with. I needed a custom design and they were fast to respond and give me pricing. They shipped very quickly and I'm so happy with how they turned out. These kennels are so much stronger and well built than my previous set of budget kennels. I'm very happy with my new kennels and plan to add more next year. Thanks for the excellent product and great communication. Highly recommend!