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Security Boss SB4 Pet Door for Screen Enclosures
Chantel Douglas (Jacksonville, US)
Very Happy

We are beyond thrilled with this dog door. When we were measuring and had questions about fit and size we contacted customer service and when I say it was amazing it’s not often you get customer service that is beyond outstanding. Our questions answered, patience as we measured and asked more question and the correct size was ordered. It took a bit for self installation but that is because of the area I wanted it installed but my husband got it done quickly and simply enough. The door matches the screen seamlessly and looks like it has always been part of the enclosure. As for teaching the girls to go in and out. Some grilled chicken and my girls got the concept in less than 30 min.

I looked at many places to purchase a dog door and no one had the quality I was looking. When I found this website I was happy they had what I wanted but when I actually received my product the workmanship and quality is simply put superb.

Difficulty tightening knobs

Looks and feels very well made. Exception is the lack of being able to tighten the knobs enough to hold the barrier in place on the headrest posts. Tightening causes the knobs to come off the nuts inside them which negates their use. Other than being a little loose the barrier appears to be quite effective - though I really don't want to have to find out by getting into an accident. I feel safe and secure with it installed.

Should have bought sooner

Absolutely love the screen dog door. Easy to install and my pups sure are enjoying it. Would highly recommend. Only regret is I should have purchased it sooner.

Poorly shipped

Product was too heavy for one pallet, Pallet was crushed and almost impossible to get off the truck. Panels appear to be bent from the weight.

Thanks so much for leaving a review. I'm sorry the delivery was difficult and hopefully there was no damage to your isolation panels. If there is any damage please take pictures right away and email them to us at and we will work to get this resolved for you right away. As we noted in our email to you when it shipped, we have a very limited window to submit damage claims to the shipping company.

Security Boss Pet Door for Sliding Screen Doors
craig tessitore (San Diego, US)
Wayte myvtime

Flange is half inch. 5/8ths isit an option. After secondvtry with adeo I am moving on. Will try another manufacturer. Also you dont ever answer yourvphone so take off your website.

Great dog door for my screen door

Installed this screen door about 3 weeks ago and it's been great. The installation was easier than I thought and pup figured it out super fast. It's all metal with no plastic parts, so feels like it will really last. Great product!!

Love this screen door for our dog

So happy we finally got this screen door. The customer service rep at Adeo Pets was very helpful and answered all of my questions. The doors shipped in just a couple of days! It was really easy to install (had my husband do it), took him about 40 min. The door feels really strong and durable, it's made of all metal parts! Now our little boy can come and go as he needs and I'm not opening and closing the door all day. thanks so much!!

Didn't get anything but the door so I can't even install it

Won't know I get the parts

Hi Patti,

Thanks for leaving us a review. As you know per our emails earlier this week, we are sending you the missing screws and instructions right away. We hope you will update your review of the door after you get these parts and can use the door, I know other shoppers would like to know your thoughts after it's installed

Out of town have not used it yet

Hi John, thank you for leaving a review. Typically, a 1 star review is used for products that fell far below a quality standard and did not function well or broke quickly. Based on your comments you have not yet received your door yet. Would you consider revising your 1 star rating until after you have opened and used the product. We think you will be pretty happy with it once you and I think other shoppers would value that input much more than simply giving it 1 star because you have not been able to use it yet.

MIM Care2 Pet Carrier
Joanna Shaw (Jacksonville, US)

I feels like this crate is absurdly expensive but it was the only one I could find that was crash tested safe for the front seat. I have a cargo van with no AC in the back in Florida so the dog has to be in the front.
That said, this is an awesome crate. It is built like Fort Knox, but still fairly light weight. The seat belt holds it securely-no wiggle. The shape fits perfectly in the seat if I put a pool noodle under the back to level it. There is great ventilation -I can reach my hand in and feel the AC coming in thru the holes. The little pad for the bottom is ok-pretty thin and I can feel the ridges on the bottom of the crate thru it but my dog doesn’t seem to mind. I got the larger size crate for my 10# dog and she has plenty of room to curl up on her side. I’m relieved to have this crate since our dog trainer pointed out that if my airbag ever went off, it could kill my little dog in the front seat unless she was protected. I wish there was an affordable alternative but this is exactly what I needed so I went for it.


Missing pieces and poorly written instructions have made installing this door a pain in the behind. I’ve definitely put these flanges on incorrectly and probably rendered this $200+ door totally unusable. Unfortunately I can’t find a better product so I’ll probably just have dump another $200 down the drain.

For the prices you charge on, you can do better on the instructions and should feel ashamed.

Hi Andrew, thanks for leaving us a review. I'm sorry to hear you had difficulty with the instructions. We are happy to help with the installation however we can, please reach out to us with specifics (pictures or video helps) and we'll get back to you right away. if you have damaged some of the parts during the install we can help with that too! Send us a quick email and we are happy to replace the damaged parts to get your door working again. We did get an email from you earlier stating that you needed a roller tool, but no other issues were noted; so please let us know and give us a chance to make this work correctly for you.

Speedy M-975 Standard High Velocity Dryer
Angela Quillen (Dayton, US)
Major game changer!

I love this dryer! It has cut my dry time in almost half! I can't wait to utilize it at both stations! Order arrived quick too! I couldn't be happier. :)

MIM Variocage Double - Crash Tested Crate
Andrea (Clearwater Beach, US)
We love our Veriocage!

We are so happy with our variocage! It was so helpful to call their company and have them go over proper measurements for your vehicle. Everything was so seamless from ordering to receiving. Absolutely recommend!

Love the Variogate and the customer service

We researched this variogate for a while and decided to get it and so happy we did. Assembly was pretty easy, and it feels so strong. Even better was the customer service from Adeo Pets. They were very responsive and helpful in finding the right size and even helped when we lost a part during install. Thanks so much!!! Now our two boys are safe when we drive!!!

Great gate, fantastic service

The gate itself is awesome, although one giant PITA to assemble by yourself. I'm very thankful I did it on a Saturday night, so that if any of my neighbors heard the stream of vile obscenities spewing forth from me while trying to attach the back bar on, they could pray for me at church on Sunday.

The customer service was the winning bit out of all of this though. Seriously, fantastic job there :)

Variogate - Medium. 2016 Tahoe with third row folded. Three doofus boxers, one of which is too big to fit into any normal sized crates :P

A&E 40"x30" Dome Top Bird Cage
Ahmed Salem (Hilliard, US)
Great Cage with Great service

The cage is a good quality cage that you would need for a big bird. The order processing was smooth and customer service is great.

Boss Pet screen door

The only problem I had is that you didn’t include the screen roller as stated. I had to buy one to complete the work.


I absolutely love these for my puppies. Helps them crawl better and so easy to wash. You can hang them up and does not take long to try. They last forever too! Definitely worth the investment.

Great door

Great door, looks and operates amazing and is sturdy enough for our 3yr old GSP.

Pepper Pike

Excellent product that lived up to all our expectations!

Security Boss MaxSeal Hinged Replacement Flaps
Mary Beaumont (Cedar Rapids, US)
Door Flap

So well made but it won't fit with our Pet Safe door and we aren't sure which insert it goes with on this brand.

MIM Variocage Single - Crash Tested Crate
Anne Gouiller-Moore (Bellingham, US)

Not so simple to put together but a great product
My dog loves it

Great product

Received the dog door for our screened in porch. We're waiting for our contractor to install it, but it is very well made and our dogs should have no problem using it.

MIM Variocage Double - Crash Tested Crate
Meghan Wingard (Cranberry Township, US)
Double medium 2020 Rogue

Purchased a double medium for my 2020 Nissan rogue. We have 3 Aussies, but use this car for trials and events to typically only ever have 1-2 at a time. My boys pictured here are 55# and 20”; and 60# and 22-23”. They have plenty of space when laying down and can stand and sit up (sitting up in a bit tight, but they usually sleep when riding anyway). We chose not to use the divider but they would be able to fit if we wanted to use it. We have the cage extended the full length, and the back seats are slid forward to accommodate- it doesn’t leave much space in the back seat, but a person would probably be able to sit in the backseat behind the drivers seat. This is the dog car and the back seat is primarily used for more accessories anyway! We’ve had the gate for about a year which will now be in our other car, but so far loving this cage!

Security Boss SB4 Pet Door for Screen Enclosures
Robert Palmisano (Ormond Beach, US)

Security Boss SB4 Pet Door for Screen Enclosures