AllSafe Dog Seat Belt Car Harness

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AllSafe Car Safety Dog Seat Belt Car Harness

The #1 Crash Tested Pet Safety Harness Worldwide

A dog that is not properly secured in your vehicle can be seriously or fatally injured in an accident. An unrestrained pet can also be a significant distraction or, in some cases, they can even cause a motor vehicle accident. During a collision, inadequate restraints may allow your dog to become a deadly projectile within the vehicle. Protect your dog and keep yourself and others in your care safe with the AllSafe Dog Harness.

Why choose the Original AllSafe Harness?

The AllSafe Harness can significantly reduce the risk of serious injury or death for drivers, passengers, and pets when used properly. AllSafe is the only canine auto harness seatbelt that has passed crash tests in both Europe and the US. This makes the AllSafe Harness the leading auto pet restraint harness for pets in the World!  Several US states already have legislation to regulate the safe transport of pets, while others are seriously considering similar laws.  Keep up with your local laws and keep your pet safe while driving.

AllSafe Harness Features
  • Crash Test Rated Using Government Safety Standards
  • DIN-75410-2 | ECE R-17 | FMVSS 213
  • Perfect Track Record of Safety for Over 17 Years
  • Four Sizes Available to Fit a Wide Variety of Dogs
  • Attaches Easily to the Car Seat belt with One Hand
  • High-Quality Nylon and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Reflective Banding for Increased Visibility in an Emergency
  • Soft Padding Reduces Pressure and Provides Maximum Comfort
  • Transitions Easily from a Car Safety Harness to a Walking Harness
  • Highest Rated Tensile Strength and Superior Crash Test Performance
  • Engineered and Constructed to meet the Highest Demands
  • The Safest and Highest Quality Dog Harnesses on the Market

Sizing Guide

*Please Note: sizing tends to run big, if you are between sizes, choose the smaller size.  We have also found these harnesses work best on larger dogs with bigger chests; like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Malamutes etc., and not as well for thin or slender dogs such as Greyhounds. 

Not intended for small toy breeds.
AllSafe Dog Harness for cars sizing chart

How does The Original AllSafe Harness compare to other Dog Safety Harnesses?

The Original AllSafe Harness is the world’s best performing and best crash tested dog restraint currently available. The Original AllSafe Harness offers the highest rated tensile strength and superior crash test performance when compared to any other harness on the market.

The Original AllSafe Harness has a proven track record of safety for over 17 years in Europe. German engineering combined with high-quality nylon and stainless steel construction makes the Original AllSafe Harness the best crash-tested harness in the world.

KleinMetal Allsafe Dog Car Harness for safe pet travel graphic

Testing & Safety Info

  • The German Auto Club tested the AllSafe Harness at their ADAC Technology Centre. The performance was measured against the criteria established in DIN-75410-2 / ECE R-17 and crash tested with a 50lb dog dummy at speeds up to 30 mph. 
  • Tested by the Test and Research Institute of Sweden and the Swedish Veterinary Office.
  • Tested in the USA using the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213 for Child Restraints and crash tested with a dog dummy weighing 75lbs at speeds up to 30 mph.
Crash Test Video

AllSafe Harness Instruction Manuel Download

Three (3) Year Manufacturer Warranty

4×4 North America, Inc. warranties all MIM Construction and Variocage Products for Three (3) years from date of purchase. To be covered by the warranty, the defect must be an original manufacturing defect. The warranty does not cover any damage, mis-use or modifications by consumers nor does it cover damage from animals, drops, falls or impacts.

The AllSafe Harness is intended for use in the rear passenger seat. The AllSafe Harness cannot be used in the front seat! During an independent test performed at the MGA Research Corporation laboratory on 9/27/13, the AllSafe Harness kept a 75 lb dog dummy on the seat for the duration of the crash test with a measured head excursion of only 32.4″.

Eliminating the tether and feeding the lap/shoulder belt combination through the back of the harness accomplished this. By keeping the 75 lb test dog on the seat, the AllSafe Harness improved its performance under the Center for Pet Safety interpretation of ideal harness performance.

To reduce the chance of risk or injury, the AllSafe Harness must be used with the seat belt in its shortest position without any slack. This is optimal from a safety perspective.

The AllSafe Harness was tested at MGA Research Corporation without a tether, as shown in the photo below.

AllSafe Dog Harness install demonstration image

AllSafe Teather

The German Auto Club tested the AllSafe Harness at their ADAC Technology Centre using a tether. They measured its performance against the criteria established in ECE R-17 and crash tested it with a 50 lb dog dummy at speeds up to 30mph. Using the AllSafe Tether for several crash test sessions at MGA Research Corporation, the AllSafe Harness and Tether suffered no damage and kept control of the dog.

If you use a crash-tested adjustable tether, it MUST be adjusted to 6” or less for optimal safety with the seat belt locked in its shortest position to secure your pet while traveling in a vehicle.

A long tether compromises safety and increases risk in a serious accident for all human and animal occupants in the vehicle.

AllSafe Car Harness for Dogs installation image

AllSafe Harness Instruction Manuel Download

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Great quality

I was so excited to get this dog seat belt and not have him running around inside the car. The dog harness is very good quality and looks like it will last. I drive with my dog a lot in the car and having him stay put have bee a real game changer and make me feel much safer driving