MIM Variogate Double - Crash Tested Gate for Cars

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MIM Safe Variogate Double- Car Crash Tested Dog Cargo Barrier Gate for SUVs

The MIM Safe Variogate Double transforms your cargo area into a safe, secure and spacious environment for transporting pets and maximizing the space in your vehicle.  When used with our Universal Cargo Barrier (sold separately) the Variogate will create a safe and secure containment area for your pets, while protecting you and your loved ones. Available in 3 sizes, see our Sizing tab to find the right size for you.

Add the optional VarioGate Center Divider (sold separately) to keep two dogs separated from each other or other items in your cargo area. The VarioGate Center Divider is available in Short or Long adjustable sizes to accommodate a wide variety of vehicles.

How Safe is it?

The Variocage Double provides comfort and proven safety for your dog as well as the human occupants in your vehicle. This is a fact that is overlooked by other manufacturers of dog transport cages. The Variocage has been tested for front, rear and rollover accidents using SPCT and ISO testing and safety standards as well as ECE Government Automotive Industry Crash Test Standards. It has received a Perfect Track Record of Safety for over a decade.

Also Sold in a Single Variogate Option

CERTIFIED - ISO 27955 | ECE R-17 | ECE R-44

MIM Varigate Features

  • Safely Secures Animals and Cargo
  • 3 Fully Adjustable Sizes to Fit Most Station Wagons and SUV’s
  • Allows Maximum Use of Cargo Area
  • Offers Ventilation When Vehicle is Stationary & Cargo Hatch is Open
  • Adjustable in Height, Width and Length as well as the Slope of Rear Door
  • Locking Doors with Gas Hydraulic Motion Springs
  • Built-In Key Lock for Security
  • High-Quality Powder Coated Steel Construction
  • Installs Easily in Car with Load Tested Straps to Anchor Points
  • Short and Long Dividers are Available as an Accessory
  • Leash Hooks Included
  • No Modification to Vehicle Required
  • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Installation - No Modification Required

    Installing the Variogate is easy and does NOT require modification to your vehicle.  Straps are used to secure the gate to the very back of your vehicle's cargo area, as well as to the deepest part of your cargo area. These can be attached to cargo hooks (if your vehicle has them), seat belt attachments, or other attach points.  Further, the Variogat has adjustable, extending polls that extend from the gate back to the seat behind it adding additional stability.

    MIM Variogate Dimensions

    Size Variable Height Variable Width Variable Length Weight
    Medium (3 Bar) 24.40 – 37.79 in
    36.22 – 50.39 in
    32.28 – 51.18 in
    59.3 lbs
    Large (4 Bar) 24.40 – 37.79 in 36.22 – 56.69 in 32.28 – 51.18 in 60.3 lbs

    MIM Variogate Double Sizing Guide - Crash rated cargo gate

    Model Comparison Chart

    Variocage Single  Variocage Double Variocage MinMax Variocage Compact Variogate
    MIM Safe Variocage Single Crash Tested Car Travel Crate for Dogs MIM Variocage Double Crash Tested two Dog Car Travel Crate MIM Variocage Minimax Crash Test Travel Crate for Small dogs or cats MIM Variocage Compact Crash Test Travel Crate for hatchbacks MIM Variogate Crash Tested Dog Travel Gate for SUVs
    For Single Dogs For Two Dogs or Very Large Pets For Small Dogs or Cats For Station Wagons, Hatchbacks or similar Universal Gate for use with Most SUVs and Wagons
    The MIM Variocage Single is designed for one dog and is proven to provide protection to you and your pet while still leaving sufficient space for other cargo in your vehicle.  Available in 6 adjustable si

    The MIM Safe Variocage Double is the largest Variocage offered and is built for two dogs, and the movable center divider is easily adjustable if one dog needs more space. This divider can be removed and the crate used for one dog. Available in 8 adjustable sizes.

     Variocage MiniMax is designed with all of the safety features of the larger models, scaled down to protect smaller pets. Its bars are closer together to prevent smaller dogs and cats from escaping or poking their heads out between bars during transit. The smaller footprint also leaves considerable space for additional cargo.
    The Variocage Compact is designed for use in vehicles that have a threshold (or sill) at the rear cargo door, such as hatchbacks, station wagons, minivans or similar. The Variocage Compact features a raised front door which is designed to clear the vehicle’s threshold without requiring special mounting or a platform. Its small footprint leaves considerable space for additional cargo.
    The Variogate Transforms your cargo area into a safe and very practical environment for transporting pets and maximizing the space in your vehicle.  When used with our Universal Cargo Barrier the Variogate will create a safe and secure containment area for your pets.
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    Fit Guarantee

    Call today and speak to one of our Experts! When you contact us directly with accurate measurements to verify the correct size Variocage for your pets and vehicle, you will receive a Fit Guarantee. With this guarantee, Adeo Pets will accept full responsibility for exchanges and/or returns for any Variocage that does not fit properly.  For all other returns, please see our Return Policy

    Three (3) Year Manufacturer Warranty

    4×4 North America, Inc. warranties all MIM Construction and Variocage Products for Three (3) years from date of purchase. To be covered by the warranty, the defect must be an original manufacturing defect. The warranty does not cover any damage, mis-use or modifications by consumers nor does it cover damage from animals, drops, falls or impacts.

    MIM Variogate Measuring & Sizing Instructions 

    Use the detailed image and sizing chart to find the correct Variogate for your vehicle.  Please contact us BEFORE ordering, our experts will help ensure proper fit and provide you a Fit Guarantee

    MIM Variogate Measuring Guide

    MIM Variogate Dog Cargo Barrier for SUVs and Cars Sizing and Measuring Guide

    MIM Variogate Sizing Chart

    Size Variable Height Variable Width Variable Length Weight
    Medium (3 Bar) 24.40 – 37.79 in
    36.22 – 50.39 in
    32.28 – 51.18 in
    59.3 lbs
    Large (4 Bar) 24.40 – 37.79 in 36.22 – 56.69 in 32.28 – 51.18 in 60.3 lbs

    MIM Variogate Assembly Guide

    Please download and follow your assembly guide to properly install your Variocage

    MIM Variogate Assembly Guide

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    • *All Variogates ship FedEx Direct Signature Required

    MIM Variocage US Shipping transit time

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    Easy Returns

    Things don't always work out, we get it.  We'll do our very best to make your return simple and easy.  Please email us and we'll provide all the return instructions for your specific item. Please call us before ordering and we will guarantee fit to your vehicle.  Without calling before purchase, we cannot accept returns due to sizing.

    Please see our Return Policy for full details.

    My vehicle does not have cargo hooks, can I still use this gate?

    Most vehicles have hooks or attach points in the cargo area, sometimes these can be hard to find as they are hidden behind seats or under small latch covers. If you cannot find any cargo hooks look for other areas to attach your gate like seatbelt hooks.  If you are looking for a stronger fitment, consider adding the Variobarrier, this unit is specifically designed to allow the Variogate to attach into it's base making it a stronger more complete unit together.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Gerhard Goisser
    Best Service

    Excellent and prompt service and reply to emails or phone calls. Very thorough in making sure you order the right size and product.

    Sharon Gillette
    Vario SUV gate

    A little difficult to assembly and fit to your car. Also the arms that extend backward are not as long as my cargo space so the end bar sticks up and is in the way. The instructions could be better. The quality of the gate is very good.

    Iris Dugan

    This is our second Variogate, one for each car now. Obviously, we really like this gate. it's done very well for us with our German Shepherds. Install is not too difficult with 2 people, and requires NO modification to your vehicle, keeps the dogs safe in the back and secure. Must mention what a pleasure it was working with Adeo Pets, this was our first purchase from them and we were very impressed. They were so helpful in finding the correct size and ensuring it fit correctly. Thank you!

    Mary Jane
    Variogate: Don't try this alone

    Variogate construction is top notch made well but I found that the directions need some revision. The directions do not provide different depth measurements options for assembly. Best to call or speak with an installation specialist. Started early Thursday at least 4-5 hours of figuring out how the parts fit together. Very Frustrated about the fit and assembly was partially done. Frustrated and ready to send the unit back I called Weston at Adeo Pets and he had the installation expert call me on Friday. Nat was wonderful very helpful and with the help of phone calls emails with pictures I finally got it installed correctly in my car. I am a 65 year old woman and pretty strong. If I ever buy another product like a variocage I will bring it upstate to Nat and have him assemble in my car.

    troy drescher
    Thank you!!

    Thanks Adeo team for all the help. The gate fits so well in our 2018 Jeep Cherokee, your recommendation was perfect. The built and quality of this gate is top quality. You get what you pay for here. Really like how it looks as well. Our German Shepherds are much after in the back now. I would highly recommend both this Variogate and this site, Adeopets.com to anyone interested, they have the best customer service I've ever experienced online.