GoPet PetRun RP700 Treadmill for Small Dogs up to 44 lbs

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GoPet PetRun RP700 Treadmill for Small Dogs up 44lbs & 18" long

Built for use with small dogs, this treadmill is a perfect tool for small dog owners to help their dogs exercise when the weather is poor or there is no time for a walk outside.  The GoPet treadmill features a low running platform making it very easy for smaller dogs to climb on unassisted.

The GoPet PetRun PR700 comes with a wireless remote control for easy use at home and a safety locking system. The treadmill itself has a silent mode system that allows for quiet operation and also has a safety lock system. The dolly wheels make it easy to move the treadmill around, and a metal eyelet allows a toy to be attached. Push button controls also allow for gradual increases and decreases in speed. The featured push-button controls also allow for gradual increases or decreases in speed for the treadmill.

Sizing Note: The length of the dog is more important when buying a dog treadmill.  Treadmill running length should be at least 1/3 longer than your dog for the optimal size and range of motion.  The maximum dog length for this model is 18."


  • For dogs up to 44lbs & 18" long
  • Low Running Platform
  • Remote & Manual Control
  • Silent Drive System - Quiet Operation
  • Speed and Timer Control
  • Gradual Start
  • Emergency Safety Stop
  • Dog Chain Holder
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Unit Total Dimensions: 46"L x 23"W x 11"H
  • Total Weight: 63lbs
  • Running Area: 28"L x 16"W
  • Speed Range: 1-8 mph (1-12 kmh)

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Model Comparison

Model GoPet PR700 GoPet PR720F GoPet PR725
Image GoPet PR700 Small Dog Treadmill for Toy Dogs GoPet PR720 for Medium and Large Dogs GoPet PR725 Dog Treadmill for large dogs
Designed for Toy Breed Medium Breed Large Breed
Max Dog Weight

40 lbs

18 kg

 132 lbs

60 kg

 176 lbs

79.4 kg

Running Area

28"L x 16"W


 52"L x 16"W


 71"L x 16"W



1 - 7.4 mph

1.6-12 km

1 - 8 mph

1.6-13 km

 1 - 10 mph

1.6-16 km

Total Dimensions

 46"L x 23"W

119.4 x 66 cm

 70"L x 25"W

178 x 63.5 cm

90"L x 24"W

229 x 61 cm

Total Weight

63 lbs

29.5 kg

 100 lbs

54.4 kg

 137 lbs

62 kg

Features Gradual Start
Remote Control
1 hp Motor
Gradual Start
Remote Control
Incline Adjust
Upright Fold
1 hp Motor
Gradual Start
Remote Control
Incline Adjust
1.25 hp Motor

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

GoPet provides a 1-year warranty from date of purchase for all treadmills and treadwheels covering product damage prior to customer receipt (damaged during shipping) as well as for product faults under normal operating conditions.  If the product damage is slight and can be fixed by a replacement part(s) GoPet will send replacement part(s). Normal wear and tear along with damage due to misuse or an animal’s chewing or scratching the product is not covered by the warranty.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my dog run on GoPet equipment?
    Thousands of dogs use treadmills around the world and so can yours! Most all dogs can be trained to use GoPet products; ome dogs take a few seconds and others can take a few days to get used to a Treadmills.

    Does the treadmill require regular maintenance?
    GoPetTreadWheels are maintenance free but may, from time to time, require some minor adjustment of the guide wheels under heavy use conditions. These adjustments are simple and directions to do so are provided with the unit.

    Can I use my GoPet Treadmill outside?
    GoPet treadmill can be used outside, however long term exposure to the elements could cause fading or corrosion thus we must state that treadMills are not recommended for outdoor use.

    What are the safety features on the GoPet TreadMill?
    All GoPet TreadMills have an emergency shut off switch on both the unit and the remote. GoPet TreadMills also have a gradual start and stop with 0.5 mph speed increment adjustment. 

    How do I clean my GoPet TreadMill?
    It is recommended to use a vacuum to remove hair build up on the unit regularly. For deeper cleaning, we recommend a mild based detergent with water to clean the treadmill.  Be sure to exercise caution around the electronics, as the unit is not waterproof.

    Can more than one dog run on the equipment at one time?
    Generally this is not recommended. However, if your unit is large enough for more than one dog and it does not exceed the weight limit this could be possible.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Samantha Reyes (Mapleton, US)
    Best purchase this year!

    By far the best purchase we've made this year. The stay home mandates in our area and working from home, if feels like we don't get the time or opportunity to walk our dogs as much, so this dog treadmill has been a life saver. Our dogs were going crazy stuck inside all day and starting to chew. The GoPet treadmill fixed that. They love it and so do it. Best of all it's really quiet so it doesn't scare them or bug me with noise. Highly recommend if your dog needs more exercise than he's getting.

    Emily Reese (Mapleton, US)
    Great dog treadmill

    We have a really energetic (ready hyper) Boston Terrier, and our walks just weren't enough. We got this treadmill 2 months ago and have been really happy with the results. Our dog adapted pretty quickly so I would say it's not too difficult for them to learn. Our dog is now getting much more exercise and seems more relaxed. Another benefit is that it's extremely quiet! We live in an apartment so noise would be an issue for us, but this has not been a problem at all, it's so quiet. The size is great too, smaller than I thought so it doesn't take up too much room in our small apartment.

    Jacob Standage (Mapleton, US)
    A much happier dog now

    My dog is finally getting the exercise he needs. I have not had the time to take him on daily walks like I used to and his behavior has gotten worse because of it, he's just got too much energy. Now he gets that energy out in the morning and he's a much happier dog!!