Zinger Airline Compliant Aluminum Dog Crate IATA CR 82

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Zinger Airline Compliant Aluminum Dog Travel Crate IATA CR 82

Zinger aluminum dog crates are designed to be the most secure and safest of any crate. The door features a double slam latch for added security and can be reversed to open left or right. Zinger crates are constructed to provide your dog with the utmost in comfort, safety, and security. Unlike plastic or wire mesh crates which bend, crack or break, Zinger builds crates using aircraft grade aluminum and are designed to last a lifetime.

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Airline Approved IATA CR-82 Compliant

IATA stands for the “International Air Transportation Association” and is responsible for formulating air travel policies and standards.  CR-82 stands for “Crate Requirement #82” which outlines the current crate requirements for dogs being transported in the cargo area.  

ZINGER AIRLINE APPROVED CRATES comes with an airline kit which exceeds all IATA CR82 requirements. The strong aluminum construction can easily withstand airline transport while keeping your dog safe and secure.

The Airline Kit Includes:

  • Air travel rails
  • Plastic water and food bowls
  • ID Tags
  • "Live Animal" labels

*Important Note: Airlines can impose more stringent requirements depending on your breed, location, distance traveled and aircraft type/size etc.  An Airline has the right to refuse travel to any pet so it’s important to check with your specific carrier and know the requirements before you travel.  We have found improper sizing to be one of the main points of focus for many airlines, so please refer to our "Sizing Tab" at the top to make sure your crate is the correct size.

Learn more about Air Travel and IATA CR82 Requirements Here

Zinger Sizing Chart

Size Dimensions Weight Dog Size
3000 21"w x 24"H x 30"L 28lbs Small Dogs
3500 24"W x 28"H x 38"L
37lbs Small-Medium Dogs
4000 24"W x 28"H x 36"L 37lbs Medium Dogs
4500 24"W x 30"H x 38"L 40lbs Medium-Large Dogs
5000 28"W x 32"H x 40"L 47lbs Medium-Large Dogs
5500 26"W x 34"H x 42"L
49lbs Large Dogs
6000 28"W x 36"H x 44"L
51lbs Very Large Dogs


ZINGER Crate Video Overview

ZINGER Airline Approved Crate Features

  • Strong & Lightweight - Zinger aluminum dog crates offer incredible strength at one third the weight of steel. Unlike plastic and wire crates which easily crack and bend and need to be frequently replaced, Zinger crates are built to last a lifetime!  For security reasons, all ZINGER lock and mounting hardware are made from stainless steel to provide exceptional security and eliminate the risk of rust or corrosion.
  • Solid Doors – Reinforced with solid bars and welded for extra strength the door is built to last. A full-length piano hinge and striker plate is standard and the door can be easily reversed to allow left or right-hand opening
  • Aluminum Construction – ZINGER crates are constructed from lightweight aircraft grade aluminum which is known for its durability and strength. Aluminum crates are perfect for dogs who often destroy or break out of plastic and wire crates. While built to be strong and secure, Zinger crates are light enough to be handled by one person with little effort.
  • Ventilation – A Zinger crate is fully vented down each side and along the back wall to provide maximum comfort for your dog. Our open design allows air to pass freely thru the door aided by the triple rows of lower and upper vent holes which surround the crate. By its very nature aluminum quickly dissipates heat making it a great material to construct dog crates provided there are enough air holes. Lots of adequate venting ensures your dog will remain safe while in its crate.
  • Locking Slam Latch – Each door comes with a flush mounted paddle lock which is keyed for added security while you are away from the crate. Rest assured that someone cannot simply open the crate and walk away with your dog. Made from strong "stainless steel" for durability and to prevent corrosion.
  • Airline Travel Approved IATA CR-82* - ZINGER crates exceed all requirements by most airlines and the IATA for safe air cargo travel. With the airline kit pre-installed, this crate can be used to ship a dog by air. The strong aluminum construction can easily withstand airline transport while keeping your dog safe and secure. Kit includes: air travel rails, water and food bowls, ID Tags, "Live Animal" labels and deadbolt covers.
  • Modular Design – All ZINGER crates can be coupled side by side or stacked atop one another to form multiple dog crate systems or kennel banks.
  • Beautiful Finish – ZINGER crates are finished in a durable “Silver Hammertone” powder coat both inside and out. By powder coating the inside as well as the outside it protects your dogs coat from discoloration (coat discoloration is common when a dog sits in an untreated aluminum crate). This will not happen in a Zinger crate.

Click on our Sizing Tab above to find the correct size for your dog

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Zinger Sport Dog Gear Inc. (manufacturer) warrants that all hardware, powder coating, and structural panel components shall remain in good operational and structural condition for a period of one year from date of purchase. Warranty does not include metal and paint damage from the dog scratching, biting, drooling, urination, etc

Use instructions and diagrams below to properly measure your dog:

Correct crated sizing is very important, especially if you are planning to travel with your pet on an airline.  Airlines can refuse travel to any pet that they feel does not properly fit their crate. A standard rule of thumb is that when the dog is standing in a normal relaxed position the crate should measure 2 inches above the top of his head.  A visual indicator for the airline attendants who are in charge of getting your dog onto the plane is that they are able to see your dog comfortably stand up and turn around in the crate.

STEP 1:  Measure your dog based on the diagram below

A = length of the animal from tip of the nose to the base of the tail.
= height of the animal when standing, from top of head (or ears, whichever is higher) to the floor - ears must not touch the top of the kennel when standing.
C = width at the widest point. 

IATA CR-82 pet measurements requirements for crate kennel dimensions for air travel and TSA Compliant
STEP 2: Calculate the size of the crate needed for your dog

The length of the kennel must be equal to A + 4"
The height of the kennel must be equal to or greater than B + 3"
The width of the kennel must be equal to C x 2.

Dog in crate sizing guide for airline travel TSA Compliant

Zinger Sizing Chart

Size Dimensions Weight Dog Size
3000 21"w x 24"H x 30"L 28lbs Small Dogs
3500 24"W x 28"H x 38"L
37lbs Small-Medium Dogs
4000 24"W x 28"H x 36"L 37lbs Medium Dogs
4500 24"W x 30"H x 38"L 40lbs Medium-Large Dogs
5000 28"W x 32"H x 40"L 47lbs Medium-Large Dogs
5500 26"W x 34"H x 42"L
49lbs Large Dogs
6000 28"W x 36"H x 44"L
51lbs Very Large Dogs

*Some helpful hints when measuring your dog:

Hold the measuring tape in one hand and place the free end at the front edge of your dog’s nose pulling it straight back to the base of his tail. This will give you the length measurement for your dog. You will need to add Three (3) inches to allow the dog room to turn around in the crate.

Place the tape at the top of the shoulder and measure down to the floor to get a proper height measurement. Add Three (3) inches to give the dog plenty of room if he wants to stand up.

Be sure to estimate your dog’s adult size if you order his crate while he is still growing. You can check his breed standard to get an estimate of what size he will reach at maturity to make sure your crate is large enough.

Proper measuring will assure that your pet can comfortably stand, sit, turn around, and lie down in his cage. 

If you have any additional questions regarding the proper size crate or model for your dog please Contact Us, we have experts ready to help!


User Manual Download & Assembly Video

Click to download the user manual:
ZINGER Deluxe/Professional User Manual PDF Download

    • Assembly normally takes 30 - 60 min
    • Requires only an adjustable wrench and a Phillips screwdriver
    • Have a helper available to speed up the process

Zinger Model Comparison Info

Zinger aluminum dog crates are designed to be the most secure and safest of any crate.  Zinger crates are constructed using lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum to provide your dog with the utmost in comfort, safety, and security. Unlike plastic or wire mesh crates that bend, crack or break, Zinger crates are made to last a lifetime.

All Zinger Crates Include the Following Features
  • Reversible Doors (change left or right opening as desired)
  • Complete Ventilation
  • Solid Reinforced Doors
  • Aluminum Construction
  • Silver "Hammertone" powder coat finish
  • Locking Slam Latch
  • Modular Design - can be coupled with another Zinger crate
  • 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Zinger Model Comparison Chart 

Features Deluxe Professional Heavy Duty Airline Approved
Image Zinger Deluxe Aluminum Dog Crate 10-DX4000-2-AR Zinger Professionsl Front Entry Aluminum Dog Crate Zinger Heavy Duty Aluminum Dog Crate 10-HD4000-2-FD Zinger Airline Compliant Aluminum Dog Crate 10-DX-3000-2-AR
Use General/Home Use Strong Breeds Security/Airflow Airline Travel
Deluxe Series is perfect for pets that require the extra security of an aluminum construction verses the typical plastic and wire crate. The Deluxe line is by far the lightest: Making them the best choice for owners who have to move their crates often. Like all Zinger crates, the Deluxe series is built to last.

 Professional Series is perfect for "Escape Artist" pets who have a knack for breaking loose from ordinary dog crates. Features a reinforced door with extra bars, welds, and bracing. Pro series also include a secondary lock and heavy-duty spring-loaded handles.

The Heavy Duty Series is perfect for pets that require the strongest and most secure crate on the market. The side faces have been replaced with ¾ inch square aluminum bars, each of which is double welded to the frame for an extra strong build. Heavy Duty crates also feature a reinforced door with extra bars, welds, and bracing. Our Airline approved crates feature Zingers IATA CR82 conforming rails along the sides of the crate for use with airline travel. Also included is the Airline Travel Package, consisting of Lock and Deadbolt covers, "Live Animal" labels, and 2 plastic bowls for food and water. the Door is completely reversible and can be opened from either the left or the right.
Sizes Available 7 7 7 7
Weight 28 - 47lbs 31 - 49lbs 34 - 53 lbs 30-49lbs
Handles Included No Yes Yes Yes
Lock Deadbolt Cover No Yes Yes Yes
1-yr Warranty Yes Yes Yes Yes
90-Day No Escape Warranty No Yes Yes Yes
View Deluxe View Professional View Heavy Duty View Airline

Deluxe vs Profession Comparison

The differences between the Deluxe models and the Professional crates has to do mainly with its heavy duty door construction. On any crate the door is consistently the weakest point and "Houdini" dogs typically target this area in their attempt to escape. In the Professional series, we have reinforced the door with extra bars, welds and bracing. As an added layer of security in the Professional series we have added a secondary locking plate to the door frame and to add extra value we also include a set of Heavy Duty Handles. Each door has a full-length piano hinge and can be mounted to open left or right. The Professional line of aluminum dog boxes are designed to be the most secure and safest of the Zinger crates.

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Zinger crate US Shipping and Transit Time Map

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GF (Naguabo, PR)
Dog Crate 6000

The customer service from AdeoPets was exceptional- the representative provided prompt communication and was resources throughout the delivery process. The order had to be expedited due to circumstances and was received accordingly. Thank you!

Gregory Mincey (Chicago, US)
IATA Dog travel crate

We had an international flight, and the IATA rules for dog travel are so difficult to understand. We had a lot of help from Adeo Pets, incredible support and very knowledgeable staff. They helped us understand the rules and requirements. We choose the Zinger crate and it was great. 3 different flights ending in Puerto Rico with NO issues. Dog was safe and secure and it meets all the airlines requirements. We also got the wheels with it, they clip on the bottom and made it much easier to move around in the airport!

Ivan G.
Incredible service!

We needed a crate for a Delta flight and it was short notice. We called Adeo Pets and they were very quick to respond, they helped us find the right size, answered all our questions and got it shipped so fast. We had the crate 2 days later. Amazing service!! The crate worked great on our flight. Thank You!!

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Southwest flight with pitbull

No issues flying cross-country on Southwest with our pitbull. Was worried about the crate meeting all the airlines specifications for air travel, but it went perfectly, the crate comes with everything you need like water bowl, stickers required by the IATA CR82. A great option for flying with your dog. Also, highly recommend the drain through mat, it did it job!