TK Products Pro-Series Backless Multi-Dog Kennels


TK Products Pro-Series Multi-Dog Backless Kennel - Indoor/Outdoor Wire Kennels

TK Products Kennels are custom-built kennels that will last a lifetime. This backless kennel is open on one side (3-sided).  Available in 16 different sizes from 2-6 kennel run configurations; all 6 ft (72") in height. Each kennel comes with everything needed to assemble and use.

*Shipping Note: a minimum order of $1,900 is needed to receive free shipping.


  • 3 Sided Kennel
  • Superior "Quiet" Construction, no sharp edges
  • Hot-dip galvanized panels and wire (5 mills thick)
  • Stainless steel spring-loaded door latch
  • 4 plastic press-in feet
  • 8 stainless steel bolt assemblies
  • 6 ft tall (72")
  • Build as you go - Addition runs can be added on later
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty!
  • Made in the USA 

Why Buy a TK Kennel

TK Kennels is the industry leader for durability of use for indoor/outdoor dog kennels.  Their manufacturing process is unmatched in the industry giving you a quality product that will also for years to come.  Each completed panel is hot-dip galvanizing after welding and assembly to give it the strongest finish available (5 mills thick). TK Products is so confident in their product that they offer a 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty, the longest in the industry Other kennels will claim to be of the same quality but few measures up.  Read below for all the details.

 Superior Design

All Pro-Series Kennels are built using 1 ¼” square tubing frame with welded mitered corners giving it superior strength and appearance. The top mitered corner design also eliminates all dirt and debris from entering the top of the frame and corroding it from the inside out. Most of the other major brand kennels have frames that are wide open on top.

TK Products kennels stainless steel assembly

The square tube kennel frames provide a more effective means to secure two panels together. The square frame kennels are held together using stainless steel bolt assemblies that are designed to wrap around each frame for increased strength (see pictures above), unlike round tube framed kennels that use a round clamp system which often becomes loose and can rotate. Our bolt assembly includes all stainless steel bolts and vibration proof stainless steel ny-lock nuts. This design was chosen specifically based on years of experience with fail brackets.

TK products kennel square tubing 2x4 welded wire mesh

Inside the frame is  6 gauge 2x4 welded wire mesh. The inside of the frame is pre-drilled around the entire inner perimeter; then each end of the wire mesh is inserted into the pre-drilled frame and welded around every wire. Each completed panel is then hot-dip galvanizing after welding and assembly to give it the strongest finish available (5 mils).  We have found this to be the most secure way to fasten the wire mesh to the frame while also eliminating exposed jagged or sharp edges that could injure your animal. This design also eliminates rattling of the fence like other chain link versions giving you the quietest kennel possible. Most other brands just weld the wire mesh to the surface of the frame every six to twelve inches which means some of the wire mesh ends can be bent out and injure your pet.

TK kennels are raised 2" off the ground with a leg for easy spray out cleaning and also come plastic leg inserts to help reduce wear and improve the corrosion resistance.

Optionally, we off a Stainless Steel foot that replaces the plastic leg insert and allows the side panels to be adjustable from 2” – 3” – 4” above grade for easy cleaning and sloped concrete installations. The large for is 3 ½” square and allows you to bolt the kennels to the concrete or works very well for placing the kennels on soft surfaces like grass or pea stone.

TK Products large base for kennel

Door Panels

Each door panel has a 2-foot door which swings in-or-out. The door panel is also reversible offering a right or left-handed installation. The door hinge design allows for the door to be removed by lifting it straight up but only if the door is opened to at least 90 degrees, this is a handy feature for cleaning. These unique features truly make the TK Pro-Series a versatile kennel system.

TK products kennels door assembly easily open in or out

The Door Latch is spring-loaded and made of solid stainless steel with an internal stainless spring that holds the latch shut and prevents your dog from opening the door. There is a handle on both sides of the kennel for ease of use, and the latch is lockable for your pet’s safety. The handle is easily used one-handed to make feeding time a breeze. Each latch has an eyelet that can be used to easily lock using a carabineer or similar item.  If you have an escape artist consider upgrading to our quick-locking latch, which can be locked with the press of a button.

Optional Isolation Pannels

TK Products Kennels Isolation pannels for multi kennels

TK Isolation Panels are sold separately and great for keeping animals from interacting too much. Made of a non-toxic black textured HDPE (composite). The HDPE is black all the way through so it will show fewer signs of wear or scratching as compared to steel or galvanized panels. It is impervious to cleaning chemicals and will not corrode or rust even if damaged. All our isolation panels are 48” tall and fastened to our wire mesh side panels using stainless steel brackets and screws. This means the panels can be added, moved or removed at any time to increase ventilation or install where needed.

Optional top Panels

TK products kennel tops

We also offer optional top mesh panels for our more popular kennels. These top panels sit flush inside the kennel on six mounting tabs and held in place using the stainless steel self-drilling mounting screws that come with each panel.

TK Products Comprehensive 5 Year Warranty

1. For five (5) years from the date of original purchase, TK Products LLC, warrants to the purchaser of this kennel that,
should it prove structurally defective by reason of improper workmanship and/or material, TK Products LLC, will repair or replace, at its option, any defective part of the kennel, customer is responsible for all shipping. Replacement parts are warranted for the remainder of the original period.
2. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER damage to the kennel caused by any animal, any physical alterations or abuse to or misuse of the kennel, any damage caused by the original purchaser or any third party, or any defects arising or discovered more than five (5) years from the original retail purchase date.

TK Product Kennels Ship from Michigan via Freight Carrier

  • TK Products can take 4-6 weeks or more to manufacture, please contact us if you need a specific timeframe for your order.
  • A minimum order of $1,900 is needed to receive free shipping. Orders below this amount will be charged flat freight fee.
  • Transit times can vary by location and time of year, freight carrier do not guarantee a delivery date, please allow 5-15 days for transit

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping is used when items are over 145 lbs or very large in size.  Our standard freight shipping will arrive to you in a tractor-trailer/18-wheeler. Once the freight driver is in your area, they will contact you directly to arrange for a delivery time.

Receiving Your Shipment

Your order will arrive on a pallet delivered by a commercial LTL carrier. The trucks are usually semi-trucks,  tractor-trailers/full-size 18 wheelers.  The freight company will call you a day or so before they deliver to schedule a time to deliver. You will need to have help ready when your shipment arrives as the freight driver will not unload for you.  If you do not have a forklift, the pallets of kennels can be unwrapped on the truck and each kennel panel can then be easily lifted off the truck.

Liftgate Service:

Because of the large size of these kennels, a liftgate is not an option.  The kennel panels will be unpacked on the truck and lifted off one by one.  It is advised to have the manpower needed to unload the shipment yourself.

Use the graphic below to help you measure the space you have and order the correct sized kennel

TK measuring and sizing guidlines

What makes the Pro-Series kennels last longer?

Our kennels are hot dip galvanized to a minimum of 5 mills thick after all welding and assembly which coats the outside and inside of every weld and surface. Other brand kennels will claim to be galvanized after welding, but close inspection will reveal that the welded joints have just been hand painted with galvanized paint which only coats the outside and leaves the inside raw metal which WILL rust.

What is the frame of the Pro-Series Kennels made of?

Each Pro-Series heavy duty kennel panel utilizes 1 ¼” square tubing frame with welded mitered corners for superior strength and appearance. The top mitered corner design also eliminates all dirt and debris from entering the top of the frame and corroding it from the inside out. Most of the other brand kennels have frames that are wide open on top. Also, using square tube kennel frames provides a more positive means to secure two panels together.

What size is the welded wire mesh?

Our welded wire mesh has 2”x4” openings and 6 gauge wire. Every end of the mesh is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the frame then welded. Inserting the ends into the frame before welding makes the entire panel much stronger and more importantly safer by eliminating broken welds that can cause wires to stick out and injure your pets.

What is the Handle made of?

Each Pro-Series kennel door utilizes a solid stainless steel lockable handle assembly which also includes an internal stainless steel spring that helps hold the latch closed to prevent your dog from opening the door. This makes for a safe and secure kennel and still allows for a convenient one-hand door opening. The handle is also designed to accept a padlock or clasp for a more secure application if needed.

How long is your warranty?

All TK Products Pro-Series kennels come with a 5-year warranty which greatly surpasses anyone in the kennel business.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Top of the line kennels

We run a large boarding facility and our existing kennels were falling apart, so we needed professional quality kennel system. These TK kennels are certainly professional-grade and have really made a difference, the quality is top notch and they are very sturdy. We got 4x4, 4x8 & 4x10 sizes. Adeo pets staff was very helpful in making our custom configuration easy to do and with very good pricing. Now that they are installed we are so happy with the final product, we'll be back to finish upgrading the rest of our facility. Thank you so much for the great service and

TK kennels - Highly recommended

We got several runs of 4x4 Kennels for our facility and are very happy. the quality of construction is much better than or other kennels, you really get what you pay for here. Adeo pets was amazing to work with, great communication and customer service. they helped us get a custom setup and we are very happy with the results. Highly recommend these kennels to anyone!

Excellent Kennels

Adeo Pets was incredible to work with. I needed a custom design and they were fast to respond and give me pricing. They shipped very quickly and I'm so happy with how they turned out. These kennels are so much stronger and well built than my previous set of budget kennels. I'm very happy with my new kennels and plan to add more next year. Thanks for the excellent product and great communication. Highly recommend!

Great Kennels & Great Service

The adeo pets web team was fantastic to work with. We called several places and no one was very helpful and knowledgeable with getting us a kennel configuration set up that would work for us. The adeo team helped us build a custom kennel to fit our space and needs. It fits perfectly and we are really happy. These kennels are really good quality and we could not be happier, 1000% satisfied!

Top of the line!

We got the 5x6, 3 run kennel and are so happy with this kennel. It arrived quickly and was pretty easy to put together. I was very impressed that there were NO sharp edges anywhere (other kennels we have tried have had problems with that). The build quality is excellent and I have no doubt they will stand the test of time (the bars are square and feel really solid). Dogs are happy and so am I. The Adeo Pets team was great to work with, answered all my questions and kept me notified on the shipping. Thanks!!