Security Boss MaxSeal PRO Pet Door for Walls

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Security Boss MaxSeal PRO Pet Door for Walls

Most Secure Pet Door

The newly redesigned MaxSeal® PRO pet door for walls features the newest design and functions available for dog doors. New features include a metal 1" insulated interior security panel that provides the most security of any pet door on the market. The flaps of the MaxSeal® PRO have a unique aluminum hinged connection that allows for the flap movement to swing more freely and eliminates the pinch of the flap when larger dogs use the pet door; resulting in significantly longer flap life. The MaxSeal® PRO comes standard with a 10" trim-to-fit solid aluminum tunnel; for larger walls a 16" trim-to-fit tunnel is optional. This solid tunnel design deters moisture issues that can develop in cheaper design products. The MaxSeal® PRO offers the best warranty on the market which covers the door and the flaps for up to 6 years from defect. It also has a 1-year replacement option for dogs that chew or destroy flaps. All Security Boss products are built to order in the USA.


  • High-grade aluminum construction
  • Single and Dual flap potions
  • Durable 180-degree hinge-to-flap connection
  • Best in class insulation rating (when dual flap is chosen)
  • 10 sizes and 5 color options available
  • Custom sizing available
  • Interior security door comes standard, optional exterior cover
  • Significantly reduces energy loss and drafts
  • Fits walls up to 16" thick
  • 6-year limited manufacturer warranty, includes flaps
  • Made in the USA


Custom sizing available - please contact us for more info

Size Flap Size  Rough Opening   Outside Frame Dimensions Shoulder Height Pet Width Breed Example
5" w x 7 1/2" h

8 1/8" w x 9 5/16" h

9 3/8" w x 10 9/16" h

Up to 7"

Up to 4"
Security Boss Pet Door Small Size Cat Door

Cats (only very small)

Small/ Medium 6" w x 9" h 9 1/8" w x 10 3/16" h 10 3/8" w x 12 1/16" h 9" - 13"
Up to 5"
Security Boss Pet Door Small/Medium Door Size

Most Cats, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Mini Poodle

Medium 9" w x 12" h 11 1/8" w x 13 13/16" h 12 3/8" w x 15 1/16" h 12" - 15"
Up to 8"
Security Boss Pet Door Medium Size Dog Door

Terriers, Pug, Corgi, Shiba Inu

Large 11" w x 16" h 13 1/8" w x 17 3/16" h 14 3/8" w x 19 1/16" h 15" - 20"
Up to 10"
Security Boss Pet Door Large Size Dog Door

Basset, Chow, Keeshond, Husky

Tall 11" w x 20" h 13 1/8" w x 21 13/16" h 14 3/8" w x 2 1/16" h 21" - 24"
Up to 10"
Security Boss Pet Door Tall Large Size Dog Door

German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever

Tall Grand 11" w x 25" h 13 1/8" w x 26 3/16" h 14 1/16" w x 26 9/16" h 25" - 27"
Up to 10"
Security Boss Pet Door Tall Grande Dog Door

Standard Poodle, Irish Setter, Greyhound

XL Grand 12" w x 24" h 14 1/8" w x 25 13/16" h 15 3/8" w x 27 1/16" h 25" - 31"
Up to 11"
Security Boss Pet Door XL Grand Size Dog Door

Afghan, Irish Wolfhound, Borzoi

Wide Tall 15" w x 20" h 17 1/8" w x 21 13/16" h 18 3/8" w x 23 1/16" h 22" - 24"
Up to 14"
Security Boss Pet Door Extra Wide Tall Size Dog Door

Rottweiler, Akita, Bulldog

Mammoth 15" w x 24" h 17 1/8" w x 25 13/16" h 18 3/8" w x 27 1/16" h 25" - 27"
Up to 14"
Security Boss Pet Door Mammoth Size dog door

St. Bernard, Newfoundland

Behemoth 15 3/4" w x 32" h 17 7/8" w x 33 13/16" h 19 1/8" w x 35 1/16" h 25" - 31"
Up to 14"
Security Boss Pet Door Behemeth Size Dog Door

Great Dane, Mastiff, Great Pyrenees


The MaxSeal® pet door is made with high-grade aluminum material that is naturally rust-resistant. This door will not only last but will look great throughout the life of the door. The durable piano-hinged vinyl flaps are UV treated and weatherized to prevent shrinking, cracking, discoloring and warping. Most flap brands simply do not hold up against harsh environments (direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, overuse, etc). Staggered stainless strike plates are riveted to the sides and base of the flap, connecting to powerful embedded magnets in the aluminum frame, creating an exceptional air seal.

6-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Security Boss Pet Door Models, parts and components are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of six (6) years from the date of purchase, under the ownership of the original purchaser. Security Boss agrees to replace or repair at their expense if found to be defective in workmanship or material per the schedule Manufacturer's liability on any claim shall not exceed the cost of the product.  See complete warranty details here.

Video Sizing Instructions

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    Customer Reviews

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    Michael Wilson (Garland, US)
    Wall install maxseal pro

    This is so much better than the old plastic dog door from petsafe. I like that it has 6 magnetic contact points on the inside and 7 on the outside. It keeps the flaps securely in place to reduce heat/cool air loss. The insulated security door, which can be made to be top, left or right sliding, is extremely secure. My door is beneath a window so a top sliding security door wouldn't work. This is the only brand I've found that can be ordered with side access. The piano hinged flaps should remedy the problem I was having with the flaps being ripped from the screws that attached them. My dogs tend to fly through the door and were constantly ripping the flaps from the screw attachments.