Security Boss MaxSeal PRO-French Door Glass Panel with Pet Door

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Security Boss MaxSeal PRO-French Door Glass Panel with Pet Door

The French Door Glass panel Insert is a do-it-yourself pet door solution that is simple to install, reversible if necessary in the future, and a very cost-effective option when compared to in-glass pet door products. These glass panel inserts are designed to work with french panel doors that have a plastic frame to hold the door's glass in place. All Security Boss products are custom-made to order.

The newly designed MaxSeal PRO pet door incorporates the most up-to-date design and functionality available in pet doors today. New features include a metal 1" insulated interior security panel that provides the most security of any pet door when locked. The flaps of the MaxSeal PRO have a unique aluminum hinged connection that allows the flap movement to swing more freely while also eliminating the pinch of the flap when larger dogs use the pet door, resulting in your flaps lasting much longer between replacements.

The MaxSeal PRO pet door for doors is made with high-grade aluminum material that is naturally rust-resistant. This door will not only last but will look great throughout its life of the door. The durable piano-hinged vinyl flaps are UV treated and weatherized to prevent shrinking, cracking, discoloring, and warping. Most flap brands do not hold up against harsh environments (direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, overuse, etc). Staggered stainless strike plates are riveted to the sides and base of the flap, connecting to powerful embedded magnets in the aluminum frame, creating an exceptional air seal.

Glass Sizing:

First, determine if your glass is compatible by looking for two characteristics.  First, look on the interior of your door; the frame around the glass should have a higher profile than the general surface of the door.  Second, there will also be screws around the plastic frame that hold the glass panel. 

If your door meets the above characteristics, use either method below to determine the size of your glass insert panel:

1.) Measuring by the Frame:   Measure outside to outside of the small frame trim around your glass, and select the size below that fits

  • Medium: 21.75"W x 65.75"H
  • Large: 23.75"W x 65.75"H

2.) Measuring the actual glass   Remove the trim around your glass insert and measure the actual glass pane; select the size that matches your glass.

  • Medium: 20"W x 64"H
  • Large: 22"W x 64"H

Glass Size Chart

Size Outside Trim Size Glass Panel Size
Medium Glass 21.75"W x 65.75"H 20"W x 64"H
Large Glass 23.75"W x 65.75"H 22"W x 64"H

    Note: These glass inserts will not fit every french glass panel door. Only those that have glass that falls into the provided ranges and is held in place by the described plastic frame. If you measure incorrectly, there are fees and shipping costs to return or exchange.

    Pet Door Sizing Chart

    Size WxH
    Glass Panel Size
    Medium 9"W x 12"H 21.75"W x 65.75"H  /  23.75"W x 65.75"H
    Large 11"W x 16"H 21.75"W x 65.75"H  23.75"W x 65.75"H
    Tall 11"W x 20"H 21.75"W x 65.75"H  / 23.75"W x 65.75"H
    Mammoth 15"W x 24"H 21.75"W x 65.75"H  / 23.75"W x 65.75"H

    1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

    For a period of one year from the date of purchase, any defective product or part may be sent, freight prepaid, to Security Boss® Manufacturing LLC for replacement or repair. Proof of purchase date must accompany any returned item. Manufacturer's liability on any claim shall not exceed the cost of the product.  See complete warranty details here.

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