Avante Passive Anesthesia Scavenger Interface for Fan or Blower Assemblies

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Avante Passive Anesthesia Scavenger Interface for Fan or Blower Assemblies

Scavenger Interface for Fan or Blower Assemblies: Passive

Why Do I Need a Scavenger Interface?

In order to protect your patients and staff from exposure to the unused gas during surgery, it should be evacuated outside the structure. The scavenger interface, which is attached to a gas evacuation ventilator, regulates the flow of suction and maintains equilibrium with the amount of unused gas. If you don't use a scavenger interface, you'll need to either increase the gas flow or change the gas evacuation ventilator's suction flow so it doesn't draw up the patient's intended gas.

Advantages of the DRE Scavenger Interface

You can connect two systems without having to disconnect one with Avante's Scavenger Interface. Both systems remain connected whether you use the Bain circuit adapter or the absorber, preventing a connection error that might allow the gas to remain in the room.
The interface additionally enables you to regulate the inhalation flow to prevent breathing bag depletion or an increase in breathing resistance. For a successful evacuation system, Avante advises using one scavenger interface per veterinary anesthesia machine.
The scavenger interface has an automatic check valve that will release extra pressure in the event of a ventilation system flaw and safeguard the patient.

If you are renovating and have opted to install a gas evacuation ventilator, you will need a scavenger interface in order to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

Precautions to Ensure Proper Functioning of the Gas Evacuation System

Check to see if the scavenger bag has any holes in it. Cracks are frequently visible at the evacuation bag connector's base. Due to the anesthesia staying stagnant inside the bag, these bags rip more easily than breathing bags.
Ensure the rod is securely fastened inside the scavenger bag. Lift the rod between the bottom and the point where you lift the valve to check its placement. They shouldn't be separated by more than 1/2 inch. The rod will raise the inhalation-controlling valve as the scavenger bag expands.

Key Features:

  • Automatic regulation of vacuum
  • Reservoir bag to visualize operation
  • Negative and positive pressure safety valve

Documents and Resources:

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Why Do I Need a Scavenger Interface

    5-Years Manufacturer's Warranty

    Avante Medical Surgical warranties its equipment to be free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and with appropriate maintenance. Length of warranty varies from product to product, so please confirm with your Avante Medical Surgical representative for specific warranty coverage. For plastics, rubber, or other expendable items, we warrant only that such parts will be free of defects in materials and workmanship at the time of purchase. 

    • Item: PSC Blower
    • Wheel Dimensions: Dia. 2 in. / Width 1 in.
    • CFM @ 0.000-In. SP12
    • CFM @ 0.100-In. SP9
    • CFM @ 0.200-In. SP6
    • Voltage: 115 Hz: 50/60
    • Phase: Single
    • Full Load Amps: 0.08
    • RPM: 3340
    • Bearing Type: Ball
    • Motor Type: Permanent Split Capacitor
    • Motor Enclosure: Open
    • Motor Insulation: Class B
    • Thermal Protection: Auto
    • Lead Length: 13 in.
    • Conduit Box: No
    • Ambient Temp.: 104° F
    • Max. Inlet Temp: 104° F
    • Inlet Dia: 1-7/8 in.
    • Outlet Dia: 1-1/4 in.
    • Overall Heigh: 3-7/8 in.
    • Overall Width: 3-15/16 in.
    • Overall Depth: 4 in.
    • Wheel Type: Forward Curve
    • Drive Type: Direct
    • Mounting: All Position
    • Housing Finish: Gray Enamel
    • Housing Material: Rolled Steel
    • Agency Compliance: UL Recognized US and Canada (E47479), CE
    • Includes: Discharge Mounting Flange

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