Avante DripAssist Gravity IV Monitoring System

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Avante DripAssist Gravity IV Monitoring System

A monitor and alarm for gravity-based IV fluid applications is the DripAssist. The clinician sets a constant infusion rate for delivery. Veterinarians can administer IV fluids more easily thanks to the DRIPASSIST, which offers precise measurement and monitoring without the complexity of pricy infusion pumps. This is a less complicated, less expensive solution that still allows for the safe administration of precision infusion.

The DripAssist offers accurate feedback on IV drip rate and is made to be mounted on the drip chamber of a tubing set. You can still manage the flow rate when using the DripAssist by using the roller clamp on the tubing set. Visual feedback is given by the DripAssist, which also shows values that are true to the rate you set using the manual clamp. The DripAssist does NOT control the rate of flow.

The DripAssist tracks drop intervals for all common IV infusion tubing sets (10, 15, 20, and 60 gtt/mL) using optical detection. Unreliable drip rate data is transformed into useful information that is displayed on an LCD by proprietary algorithms. The terms mL/hr, drops/minute, and total volume are used to calculate flow rates. The device has alarm functionality that enables remote flow rate monitoring.

DRIPASSIST is useful for many tasks:

  • Transfusion medicine, in lieu of recent publications that indicate pumps damage the cells, decreasing the value of the transfusion.
  • Busy surgery and referral services to substitute for broken IV pumps.
  • Document gravity drip deliveries.
  • Small day practices that want to start or do more fluid therapy.
  • Administer known volumes from partially used bags, eliminating waste.

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Avante DripAssist Gravity IV Monitoring System

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    Select the drip factor matching your drip set, 10, 15, 20 or 60 drops/ml, slide the DRIPASSIST onto the drip chamber, and observe a quantitative measurement of the drip rate that was manually set. Alarm functionality alerts you when the infusion rate changes significantly, from an occlusion, kinked line or an empty bag. Using this device reduces the possibility of human error.

    Without an infusion pump, monitoring IV fluids and getting a documentable measurement is a time-consuming and difficult task. This problem is now easily remedied with the acquisition of DRIPASSIST.

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