A&E 36"x28" Play Top Bird Cage

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A&E Cage Company 36"x28" Play Top Bird Cage

One of our most popular designs is the Play Top cage, and there are solid reasons for this. With substantial internal space and a five-eighths bar spacing, it is the ideal size for a variety of bird species, and many of them adore making this cage their home. Anybody searching for a new pet enclosure should give this alternative considerable attention because of its features and advantages as well as its fantastic sale price.

The most notable feature of this beautiful enclosure is definitely the large playground affixed to the top. Bird experts and enthusiasts agree that giving your feathered friend lots of time outside of their enclosure is vital to their physical and emotional health. While there are separate playstations available for sale, purchasing a well-designed model like this can save you money and save space in your home.

Two curving ladder-like bar sets that are part of the cage are connected by a bar with two feeder stations. With the toy hanger that is included, you can also give your pet a variety of hanging toys that you can switch out whenever you like. Also, the top of the cage has a handy slide-out tray that makes it simple to remove trash and keeps droppings from falling into the cage's main area.

The inside of the cage also provides for plenty of living space. Your pet will enjoy climbing on the two sides of horizontally oriented rods, which act like ladders for easy use. You will appreciate the convenience of an extra large front entry door for easy placement and removal of your pet whenever you please. Also, the feeder doors each individually open to allow for easy food refills without having to contort your arms inside the cage. Each door is complete with a bird-proof lock to keep your feathered friend safe and sound.

Note: Assembly is required

Key Features:

  • Bird proof front door & feeder door locks
  • Play top with 2 ladders, perch, & toy hook
  • Horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back
  • Front door safety latch
  • 3 swing out feeder doors
  • 3 stainless steel feeder cups & perch
  • Large front door for easy access
  • Removable seed catcher
  • Slide-out tray underneath play top keeping cage mess free
  • Slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning
  • Non-toxic, durable and safe powder coated finish

Best Suited for these breeds:

  • Mini Macaw
  • Small Cockatoo
  • Amazon
  • African Grey


      • Exterior Dimensions: 36"x28"x66"
      • Interior Height: 38"
      • Bar Spacing: 1"

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