E-Collar EZ-900 Easy Educator Remote Dog Trainer 1/2 Mile

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E-Collar EZ-900 Easy Educator 1/2 Mile Modern Dog Trainer Remote Collar

The Most Human & Effective Dog Training Collar on the Market

The E-Collar EZ-900 Easy Educator is a 1-4 Dog, 1/2 mile range modern collar trainer, packed with unique features that employ a proprietary "blunt" stimulation making it the most effective and humane dog collar trainer available. The small transmitter is easy to hold, store or carry and great for situations when discreetness is necessary. The small 2.4-ounce receiver provides 100 different levels of stimulation allowing it to work well for large and small dogs, as well as alternative stimulations of tone and vibration. 

Safe and Humane Dog Training
Unlike a regular shock collar, Educator training col­lars use the lowest levels of 'blunt' stimulus to im­prove behavior and reduce the stress of owning a dog. These are the most reliable and advanced dog training collars available in the world. Every Educator dog training collar is built to the highest quality stan­dards and is tested to withstand the most extreme environmental dog training conditions. We fully as­semble each Educator dog training collar and test all of our products in the USA.


  • DESIGNED FOR WORKING DOGS - Size: 5 lbs. and Larger
  • LONG RANGE - 1/2 mile range
  • EXPANDABLE ON THE FLY - from 1-2 Dogs
  • SAFE & HUMANE - Delivers a tapping sensation to vibrations but more intense
  • WATERPROOF - Transmitter & collar receivers are 100% waterproof (up to 500ft)!
  • NIGHT USE - Transmitter has an illuminated LCD display and collars have night tracking lights, easily controlled via the transmitter.
  • RUGGED - Shock resistant, rated up to 5000 Gs
  • QUICK CHARGE - 2 hours charge time with included Li-Polymer batteries
  • VERSATILE - Select a stimulation level from 1-100, for dogs of all temperament levels. Pre-program a Boost of 1- 60 as well as vibration sensation settings.
  • INTUITIVE DESIGN - the receiver has an ergonomic and intuitive "stopwatch" design, letting you use and not take your eyes off of your dog
  • TRANSMITTER LOCATOR - Transmitter has built-in beeper to help locate your lost transmitter.
  • 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty - and lifetime limited warranty
  • Assembled in the USA

Stimulation Sensation Features: 

  •  256 Levels of smooth “blunt” stimulation with 100 Levels displayed on the LCD 
  • “Lock and Set” and “Maximum Stimulation” Safety Features 
  • Seven Stimulation Modes to Choose From: 
    • Momentary Stimulation – Brief Pulse of Stimulation 
    • Momentary Boost – Brief Pulse of Boosted Stimulation 
    • Continuous – Continuous Stimulation up to 10 Seconds 
    • Continuous Boost – Continuous Stimulation of Boosted Level up to 10 Seconds 
    • 1 Second Ramp to Level Set by the Volume Dial 
    • 2 Second Ramp to Boosted Level 
    • Patented “Instant Stimulation” Mode 
The stimulation level is adjustable from 0-100. Maximum stimulation and lock-and-set features provide safety from accidental over-stimulation. 7 vibration + 4 tone settings allow customization for each dog. The unique COS (control of stimulation) technology provides very clean stimulation without the normal head jerking often found with other collars. The boost feature is available to provide boosted stimulation from 1-50. The tapping sensation employed is similar to vibration, but more intense, making it an effective addition to the stimulation.

7 Selectable Vibration Types

  • H - High constant vibration
  • M - Medium constant vibration
  • L - Low constant vibration
  • TS-H - High tapping sensation (1 sec on 1 sec off)
  • TS-M - Medium tapping sensation (1 sec on 1 sec off)
  • TS-L - Low tapping sensation (1 sec on 1 sec off)
  • TA - Two seconds of constant medium vibration followed by continuous stimulation (commonly known as Classical or Pavlovian Conditioning)

4 Selectable Tone Types

  • H - High constant tone
  • M - Medium constant tone
  • L - Low constant tone
  • PA - Two seconds of constant medium tone followed by continuous stimulation (commonly known as Classical  or Pavlovian Conditioning
e-collar ez-900 intuitive design and features

Advanced Features using Computer Interface Tool: Included

  • Button Selection Dropdowns: Convenient drop-down for each control button provide a quick and easy selection of the desired sensation. 
  • Level Lock: Ability to lock the level preventing accidental overstimulation by inadvertent movement of the dial 
  • Boost Level: Allows the user to select a level between 1 and 60 which provides for an  emergency boost of the stimulation level, great for the times when the working level is ignored by the dog due to a high distraction

Superior Design - Our intuitive 'stopwatch' design allows you to operate without the need to keep looking at your transmitter so you can watch and stay focused on your dog instead. The collar has a tracking light that can be set to continuously on or flashing, allowing you to track or locate your dog in the dark. The transmitter is fitted with a beeper that can be used to help you locate if lost. The transmitter is also waterproof and floats.

Stress-Free Blunt Stimulation is superior to Shock Collars
Educator collars use proprietary stimulation that’s ''blunt', not 'sharp' like a traditional shock collar. This stimulation levels are adjustable from 1 to 100 and have been found to be much stressful to the dog, yet still giving ample incentive for your dog to listen and obey your commands. To help with stubborn dogs boost levels of 1 to 60 are available. E-collar Educator dog training collars give you the most humane and safest stimulation to control dogs on all temperaments, even when in "prey drive" and all while avoiding undue stress.

EZ Educator (EZ-900) vs Pro Educator (PE-900)


  • One Waterproof Ergonomic Remote
  • 1-4 Waterproof Miniature Collar Receiver
  • 1-4 ¾” X 30” Biothane Collar (Ready to Be Cut to Size)
  • Two (2) Sets of Contact Points (5/8” and ¾”) for each collar
  • Contact Point Removal Tool
  • Dual Battery Charger (120V/220V)
  • Owner’s Manual (includes training tips)
  • Lanyard for the Remote Transmitter
  • Belt Clip


  • Pro Remote: 4” x 1.8" x 1.25" 4.2 oz.
  • Receiver: 2.4 oz., 2.0” x 1.5"  x 1.1”
  • Biothane Collar Strap: ¾”  x 30”, 1.46 oz. (cut to size)

     2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

    In the event your system is deemed defective by an E-Collar Technologies Representative, you will be provided a replacement for the defective item, an RMA form, and a UPS/ USPS Prepaid return shipping label to send your defective item back to us. If you are experiencing issues with your E-Collar, please call our Toll-Free number at 855-326-5527 for Technical Support while you have your system with you.

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    Click below to view the PDF Guide

    Pro Educator Owners Guide PDF

    Pro Educator Quick Start Guide PDF

    EZ Educator (EZ-900) vs Pro Educator (PE-900)



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Marvin Gaye (Mapleton, US)
    they work great!

    I received my collars. I am very happy with them. They work great. The customer service here is incredible, Adeo Pets really went above and beyond. I plan to buy more and will be back soon.

    Brenda Anderson (Atlanta, US)
    Great dog collar for 4 dogs

    Got the 4 dog model. Really nice to be able to communicate with the dogs and only have one remote. Lots of settings and power levels make it easy to fit to your dog. Highly recommend. Was able to find several good instructional videos on youtube that really helped set this up. Works great now, gets very good response from the dogs without shocking them.

    April Landry (Las Vegas, US)
    Perfect for professional dog training

    I bought this collar for dog training and I can say that after 3 months of solid use it works really well. We train several dogs and needed a good collar that was NOT a shock collar (many of our customers would not allow it). After much research, we found the E-collar after watching tons of YouTube videos and talking with a few other trainers. What we found was this collar is not a shock collar it's more like a "tens unit" like the kind used for pain relief or muscle or back therapy. And as it turns out, it works really really well on the dogs plus it's much more humane. We were worried too about the durability, well several of the dogs are very rough when playing with others and we have yet to have any issues with durability, these are very strong. So far with all of our experience, we are very pleased with the E Collar. There are definitely cheaper alternatives (and we've tried a few out) there, but none with this unique set of features, so in this case, you absolutely get what you pay for.

    Mike Mason (Chicago, US)
    Love this dog collar

    I really love this new collar, you can adjust to just the right level to get your dog's attention without hurting or injuring him, we use the momentary & vibrate button most of the time. Our 9-month-old Belgian Malinois needed a little more than treats to train some things sit, stay, return or even jumping on company or pulling on leash. Within two weeks she has greatly improved, she now heals on leash and is a pleasure to walk, when she's excited it's a little tougher but her jumping has improved as well. Highly recommend!!